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The Name Elvis The Pelvis was selected because it is the popular name given Elvis After Ed Sullivan Televised Elvis from the waist up due to Elvis's pelvic gyrations considered scandalous in the 1950's!

The continued popularity and recognition of the unique musical skill and talent of Elvis Arron Presley continues more than twenty two years after his death!

People see Elvis everywhere because they wish to see him and experience the feeling of nostalgia for an earlier era the 1950"s

Ike (Eisenhower) Was in the White House, Marilyn Monroe was queen of the cinema,The Philadelphia Phillies (Whiz Kids) were in the World Series,The Dodgers were in Brooklyn,Lucy and Ricky reigned on TV and all was right in America!

Elvis electrified America from the time of his first Prime Time Appearance on the Sunday Night Ed Sullivan Show until his death in 1977.

Elvis music and style transformed popular music and earned him a place in Rock History

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