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Santa Letter #1
Written by:  M. Place & C. Brown

Dear <<name>>,

Another year has come and gone, and my elves and I are busy getting ready for our ride to visit you at <<address>>. I was just going over my list and wanted to take a minute to write to you and let you know that you’ve been a very good <<boy/girl>> this year. <<Mom/Dad>> is very proud of you for <<accomplishment>>. <<Mom/Dad>> also said that you do a great job at <<chore>>. Keep up the good work!

Rudolph has been very busy making sure the other reindeer are in shape for the flight. That sleigh gets pretty heavy you know! And as soon as the Elves heard that you wanted <<gift child will receive>> for Christmas they got right to work! Elf Glitter has asked me to tell you that work is right on schedule and that your gift will be on Santa’s sleigh Christmas Eve!

Did you know that Frosty and his wife, Crystal, just got a pet <<type of pet child owns>>? I hear you have a <<type of pet>>, also! Have you been taking good care of <<him/her>>? Frosty says that <<type of pet>> needs lots and lots of love so you be sure to take good care of <<him/her>>!

Well, <<name>>, I must be going. Mrs. Claus is calling me for supper then I have to get back to the Workshop. Please say "Hello" to <<person sending letter>> for me!



Santa Claus


P.S. Don’t forget to leave out some <<snack that will be left out>> for me! They’re my favorite!