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(TITLE> Retired Esquire Website:History,Law,Legal Humor,Literature,Movies,Holidays, 
(META NAME="description" CONTENT="Retired Esquire Website has history Pages including,Lincoln,MacArthur,WilsonWe have Law Pages on,Clarence Thomas,Supreme Court Justice and Original Legal Humor Pages on Perception of a Lawyer and Real Lawyers.We also have Literature Pages on Shakespeare and Random Literatre.We feature Holiday Pages including,New Years,Hallooween,Christmas,Birthday.Visitors will find Humor,Laughs,fun,Jokes with our Joke Search engine.We also have a Utikity File Transfer Page! We are Webtv and family friendly! ">
(META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="history,lincoln,MacArthur,Wilson,Law,Clsrence Thomas,Supreme Court,Legal Humor,Perception of a Lawyer,Real Lawyer,Literature,Shakespeare,Random Literatre,Holidays,New Years,Hallooween,Christmas,Birthday,Humor,Laughs,fun,Jokes,Joke Search engine,Utikity,File Transfer")

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