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Joseph Abraham Gottleib
Birth Feb 3, 1918
Actor AKA Joey Bishop
Happy 85Th Birthday Joey


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Joey and My Mothers Birthday
I first Met Joey In the mid 1970's,Through my friend and mentor the Doc,and through a local Philadelphia agent of Joey Bernie Rothbard!
I had the good fortune of seeing Joey's live show at the Arlantic City Casino and having dinner with the Doc and Joey many times!
Joey had done charitable fund raising for years for the Hospital the doc headed!
Joey was headlining a show at Palumbos night club to Raise money for The Hospital.
The Fund Raiser coincided with my beloved mothers birthday and having been a long time fan of Joey desired to attend!(My Mother had been diagnosed as terminally ill.)
We attend The Dinner Show.At The end of the Show Joey made an announcement That he had a desire to dance but needed a partner and knew there was a women in the audience celebrating her birthday.Joey came to Our Table sang the Birtdady song and danced with my mother!She was happy and thrilled!
I will always remeber Joey's act of kindness to my Mother.Thank You Joey!
This Origianl True story may not be used without express witten permission of the author

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