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    Princess Grace her Brother Jack and Me

During The 1970's I spent many Hours in The Company of Jack Kelley,Prncess Graces Bother!Grace Was born in Philadelphia into a prominate Philadelphia familly.

I am Proud To say Jack was my friend and I Have missed him since his untimely death.

Jack and I and a group of friends shared many fun times together including dinners and parties,an athletic events!

One summer Jack and a group of us where In Ventor NJ at The sea shore.Jack came over and ask me if I had my car.I replied yes. Come on I need you to drive me On a Persoanl matter;said Jack!

I drove and jack directed me.After some time we reached another sea shore community and jack told me to pull in to a circular drive way.

.A men was outside the door waved jack and I in the house and we went through to a private beach.

To my graeat and total suprise sitting on a beach chair was Princee Grace.

Jack introduced me and we spent a wonderfull hour telling Grace about the happings in Philadelphia and talking about mutual Philadelphia friends!

I will always remember with great affection Jack and That Prticular summer afternoon! - Your online source for everything about Movies and Animated Films - Includes detailed information, cast and crew, comments and reviews, trailers, photo galleries, interviews, contests, official and fan sites directory. Also features merchandises from films including posters and photos, DVD and videos, toys.



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Great Stars Of Silver Screen
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