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John T,George L,Bernie,The Movie Premiere and Me (by Retired Esquire)

It was sometime in 1980-1981 when I met John T.I had a close friend Bernie R who was an agent with a number of famous and not so famous entertainers as clients.Bernie was a living "Broadway Danny Rose"(See the movie by Woody Allen).

Bernie had introduced me to a Hollywood Producer George L who was a local South Philadelphia boy who made the Big Time in Hollywood!George had produced a movie starring John T and decided because of both his and John T's ties to Philadelphia to hold the World Premiere of the movie in Philadelphia!It was through this series of events that I attended the premiere and the premiere party of "Blow Out" and met John T.

At the time I knew John T was a young up and coming movie star who had been on a hit Tv show "Welcome Back Cotter" and stared in the blockbuster movie"Saturday Night Fever".

THe Night of the Premiere arrived. The Party after the movie viewing was to be held in a upscale large Disco! The movie premiere and showing went off without a hitch!

George,Bernie and Me and a few others were driven in a police escorted limo to the movie theatre (we could have walked quicker; but thats show Biz!),

Just like in the movies there was a red carpet,spotlights,entertainment,press and of course the young fans,thousands of them waiting for a glimpse of the young and handsome star of the Picture John T.

It was a very strange scene.As we got out of the limo you could hear the words:"Is it John T?" "No Just some old guys" :Who are they?" "Who cares" "Here comes another limo maybe John is in it!".

Despite the disappointment of the crowd at not seeing John T we forged ahead and went into the theatre and took our reserved seats!

In fact John T for security and promotional reasons was snuck into the theatre taken to the back put in a limo driven at the last minute to the front of the theatre and then made his entrance!George said its best to have the star arrive last it builds anticipation in the crowd!The process was repeated for John T entrance to the Disco for the Premiere party

The movie showing and the return to the Disco went off without a hitch!

George L The Movie's Producer decided to freshen up and change clothes before the party at the Disco.The Disco was in the same hotel where george was staying in the Penthouse suite but was an independently operated facility.

While George went to freshen up Bernie and I entered the Disco and went to this huge table reserved for the producer George the star JohnT and guests Bernie and Me!

The Disco was packed with invitation only people.The thousands young fans of rhe star were all around the building where police and private security held them at bay!

John T had already been secreted in a suite in the hotel and would come down in a private elevator get in the limo and be driven around the block and enter the front of the hotel so the fans could get a glimpse of him!

The Disco Party was a lavish Hollywood style party.The food and beverages were first rate!George L the producer and man who paid the bills spared no expense and overlooked no detail!

After refreshing and changing clothes George came down to the lobby and headed for the Disco entrance.By this time there was a mob waiting in a entance line surrounded by a mob of onlookers!George waited in line for 30 minutes or so before he reached the head of the line

The Security People were from the Disco and did not recognize George.
When asked to produce an invitation George of course did not have one.Who sends an invitation to the man giving the party? When George said he was the host of the party and the producer of the movie the security officer said he was Clark Gabel and george had better move along and cause no trouble!

Fortunately a Philadelphia Police Captain who was assigned to the party spotted george and escorted him into his own party and the table where Bernie and I were seated!

John T arrived about fifteen minutes later to much fan fare as planned!

When George told John the saga of trying to get into his own party John Said"Next Time let me Know I will get you in Im a friend of the star!".

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This is an original true story by Retired Esqiire and may not be reproduced in any way without the express written permission of the author

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