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(9-11-2001) America Attacked
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   days since 911   **Attacks**


New York Ground Zero Cam

The New York World Trade Center was one of the Great Buildings of Western Civilization before September 11,2001

World Trade Center
At Moment Terrorist Struck

Arlington, Va., Sept. 13, 2001
Military personnel salute as fire and rescue workers unfurl a huge American flag over the side of the Pentagon during rescue and recovery efforts following the 11 Sept. terrorist attack.
U.S. Navy photo by Michael W. Pendergrass. [010912-N-3235P-003]

Click To See The Profoundly Sad Current View from Former World Trade Center Camera

Pearl Habor, December 7,1941 is now joined by September 11,2001 as "a day that will Live in infamy"!

The evil cowardly terrorists and those individuals and Nations who aid and comfort them will,as America's foes before them, pay the price for their dastardly acts of war against innocent Americans

America is a great country and its people will meet the challenge that lies ahead!

The resolve of the American people is to meet any challenge and defeat any foe!

The spirit of the American people can be seen in the selfless acts of heroism by police,fire, recue teams and ordinary Americans who have sacrificed all to help their fellow citizens.

If you wish to help your fellow citizens there are many ways to do so listed at

You can also make an on Line donation to the Salvation Army Or other Charity of your choice!

World Trade Center from the Brooklyn Bridge

All Americans must stand with the President,the Congress,the Military, and each other in eradicating the terrorist threat from the lives of freedom loving people everwhere!

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The Evil One (Bin Laden)






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WTC Photo Courtesy Philip Greenspun

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